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Body scrub (200ml)


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Body Scrub is a superb liquid body soap, with fine
granules, which can be used daily to
gently remove dead skin cells leaving
your skin looking rosy and feeling vibrant.


  • Scrubbing helps remove dead skin cells
    from the surface of the skin to expose new cells
  • A good scrubbing session does wonders for blood
    circulation, which in turn removes toxins
    and impurities from the body
  • A scrubbing session helps counteract cellulite
  • Forming of pimples is also prevented if
    dead cells do not block pores
  • Helps prepare the skin for better absorption


  • Use Body Scrub in bath or shower as body soap
  • Apply Body Scrub over your entire wet body
  • Now use a sponge, face cloth or body brush
    and scrub gently