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Heel balm (150ml)


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Care for your feet with Heel Balm. Feet and legs have
very few oil glands. A massage with a rich cream like Heel
Balm helps to supplement natural oils.
Heel Balm is a composition of herbs that are known for
their beneficial effect on dry and chapped skin
as well as the healing effect on raw,
chafed skin.


  • Helps for chafed heels
  • Protects the skin against dehydration
  • Nourishes and softens skin


  • Massage dry feet with friction/body gloves
    to remove dead skin and to increase blood
  • Wash feet in warm soapy water.
    Do not soak as this dries out the skin
  • Dry feet
  • Apply Heel Balmand massage each foot with
    long strokes from your toes to your ankles