LG008 – Plated gold name


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Your name in beautiful 18ct gold plated stainless steel. Comes with a free gold plated infinity bracelet!
Plated gold can eventually tarnish if subjected to continuous wear, water and chemicals.
This is considered jewellery wear and tear. Gold plated jewellery should not be cleaned with standard jewellery cleaner.

Two styles to choose from:
LG008_SA6NCG – Crown on the first capital letter
LG008_SA6N2 – Name only

Disclaimers & Limitations:
We only allow up to 3 capital letters per name. We also cannot add any dashes, commas or any other symbols and diacritics.
We do however allow 1 ampersand per name and numbers. If this item is ordered with specified above symbols they will be left out.

Manufacture lead time is 14 working days and delivery takes 2 – 4 days extra depending on where in SA you are.


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