LG044 – Ladies link bracelets


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Stainless steel link bracelets.
The length of the bracelet when straightened is 150mm.

There are different styles to choose from:
LG044_C42H – Heart plate
LG044_HE2 – Heart
LG044_C42 – Plain
LG044_IN2 – Infinity
LG044_PL2 – Plain plate
LG044_C42V – Victorian
LG044_PLD2 – Heart ended plate
LG044_SC4H – Small heart plate
LG044_SC4B – Butterfly cutout
LG044_SC4HI – Heart cutout
LG044_SC4I – Infinity

Manufacture lead time is 14 working days and delivery takes 2 – 4 days extra depending on where in SA you are.


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