Fibro Ease Dawn
Reduces pain and inflammation, soothes digestive disorders, antispasmodic, appetite control, increases energy, uplifting effects and many more. Comes in a 20ml bottle.

Manufacture lead time is 14 – 20 working days and delivery takes 2 – 4 days extra depending on where in SA you are.

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Feco Infused
Our entire beauty range is organic and FECO infused. Only the purest of Essential Oils are used in each product.
All products are sulfate, SLS and paraben free.

Extraction Method
Controlled heat and agitation

FECO, Ocimum Basilicum, Juniperus Virginiana, Copaiba, Peppermint, Pure O2, Lemon

should be taken after breakfast each morning (start with 3 drops, increase as necessary)
Use with Fibro Ease Dusk for best results.

Avoid direct exposure to sunlight – keep in a cool, dark place.


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