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Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we have to take unforeseen circumstances into account.

Unforeseen circumstances includes but is not limited to –
* the engraver being infected which will result in delays as the engraving is a specialised skill and can’t be done by just anyone
* machines that break and parts needs to be ordered for delivery by courier or cannot be installed due to an infection
* courier depots closing due to infections and packages are routed to another depot
We have encountered the above the during 2020 and we hope everyone will be vigilant and keep safe from here on forward.

Landi’s Goodies cannot be held responsible for delays which is out of our control eg: the country moving from one lockdown level to another might effect us. At a stage the couriers were only allowed to deliver essential goods, we hope and pray that it will not happen again. 

A little background on Landi’s Goodies.

Landi’s Goodies started out to supplement my monthly income during a very difficult time.
Now Landi’s Goodies has grown to something more, that we are blessed and grateful for.

It’s operated by myself. We are not a big business with people employed for every aspect of the business.
I must answer emails daily, do quotes, check payments made, place orders, run ads, answer Facebook comments,
and the list can go on and on… BUT I also work full time, have 3 kids that needs attention week nights and on weekends,
they have extra mural activities they need to attend etc, so I am not always available 24/7.
But I do always get back to everyone’s emails and messages. All I ask is just a little patience and understanding
when I do not respond immediately.
Sometimes life happens and we might be a day or 2 behind schedule, please don’t come with assumptions that we are a scam. We will not pay for a website, social media advertising or answer your every message sent by whatsapp or email if we were a scam.

We will from time to time run specials on items, make sure to check them out under the SALES tab.

We look forward to working with you.
xoxo Yolandi

Personalised name with chain
Personalised name in cross
Heart locket with your own photo
Tag with your own photo

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    Landi's Goodies
    Average rating:  
     3 reviews
    byLiesl onLandi's Goodies
    Great service and quality
    Contact Number: 0829978539

    I was so impressed at the service I received with landigoodies. I requested personalised dog tags with the Lord’s pray and a cross overlapping it and they were able to meet my request. The quality of the material was excellent and the workmanship was flawless. The price was also very reasonable.

    byDesire Potgieter onLandi's Goodies
    Personalised Pen
    Contact Number: 082 552 7938

    I received my personalized pen today. I love it.
    It is worth buying by Landi's Goodies.

    Date: 11 Nov 2020

    Thank you for your ongoing support since 2018!We appreciate you.

    byWendy Zuba onLandi's Goodies
    Double Heart Keyring
    Contact Number: 062 561 2044

    I received my keyring! You never disappoint.
    Thank you Yolandi.

    Date: 29 Oct 2020

    Thank you for your support Wendy.