About Us

Just to give a little insight about Landi's Goodies.

Landi's Goodies started out to supplement my monthly income when my hubby was unemployed. Now Landi's Goodies has grown to something more, that we are blessed and grateful for.

Its just operated by myself, and luckily I have my hubby and my parents to help out as well with the children from time to time. We are not a big business with people employed for every aspect of the business. I must answer emails daily, do quotes, check payments made, place orders, run ads, answer facebook, and the list can go on and on... BUT also, I work full time,  have 3 kids that needs attention week nights and on weekends, they have extra mural activities they need to attend etc, so I am not always available 24/7. But I do always get back to everyones email and messages by whatsapp.  All I ask is just a little patience and understanding.

Sometimes life happens and we might be a day or 2 behind schedule, please don't come with assumptions that we are a scam. We work our butts off to make a success of Landi's Goodies.

Sometimes we forget something with an order, or a spelling mistake slips through, but we always rectify our mistake. Please do let us know within 7 working days if a mistake has occurred so that we can correct it.

To eveyone supporting LANDI's GOODIES, thank you.